Hello and welcome to the world of Salesforce Citizen Development!KimSingleton201601

My name is Kimberly Barnes and I have been working with the Salesforce.com platform since 2010.  I am a certified administrator and I love working on this platform.

Since 2010 I have

  • assisted in a CRM implementation having over 30,000 users
  • created and supported a request management application on the platform
  • helped to implement a citizen development model within the organization
  • created and managed an internal Salesforce Users Group
  • currently supporting a Salesforce org with over 30,000 users and at least one object with over 80 million records
  • currently supporting an internal Salesforce Center Of Excellence
Although most of my background over that last 20 years has been within technology where I’ve been a database administrator, development manager, release manager, systems analyst and even a tester, I firmly believe in citizen development.  I am an advocate for IT and business to work together to solve problems to meet business needs using the citizen development model.

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